The driving force behind these consistently high numbers is the permanent, ongoing need for tax preparers’ services. As long as there is an IRS (and an income tax) there will be individuals and businesses that would rather pay professionals than prepare their own taxes.

Customer loyalty and repeat business is high. Most people will not abandon a tax preparer who has done good work for a number of years. Therefore traffic for your tax business builds annually. As a CapTax Affiliate, you will be no stranger to hard work and earnest laboring hours for your customers and business. Aaah but to the victor goith’ the spoils; and spoiled indeed!! The spectacular view you see above is one of many gorgeous resorts and “PLAYnMAY” theme dream islands the entire CapTax body pays a visit. A chance to breakaway from it all and just reflect. Typically one CapTax meeting is held to cover season ending nuiances, updates, modifications and business aspects of your office(s). We do this to ensure business as usual, but above all to carefully be mindful to keep proper balance and order. CapTax works diligently hard all winter, so new business Owner, its only right your awarded the getaway and play for a day or two! Until our next rendezvous…Sure hope it includes you!


In order to succeed in operating a tax office, you must have resources and expertise.

Along with that, you need communication, cooperation and commitment from all hands on deck! At CapTax, you will have the benefit of our earned industry-tenure